Rev. 1.2016 Autonome is a standalone audiovisual installation that manages a remote controlled video database with audiovisual works, visual experiments and motion graphics transitions created by the artist and controlled by an automata software programmed exclusively for the installation. Also in this first version, Autonome is implemented with a PIR sensor that reacts in the presence of the audience, this let the installation to trigger several events determintated with the video which is running in a certain moment. A lite version of this project without the sensor specifications is also available as “Micronome”. Design concept, production and “vvvv” programming by Boris Divider.
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Micronome A/V installation at UCF Art Gallery, FL. USA at the last Surfaces 2016 exhibition curated by Ginger Leigh and Kate Shults. 1xDLP projector, computer, 2.1 audio system. Photography by Ryan Mayes.