Video project for AEON soundtrack was a non planned job. In fact it started like a try and error video composition testing several techniques with real and synthetic visual materials. The artistical side was focused into some 70’s pioneer sci-fi films. With no doubt some influences came from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odissey, like the space travelling and the fetal human being. Some 70’s psychodelia musical video clips for the triangle shape and climax universe tunnel and (like other people of my generation will keep in their minds forever) the final stage reminds those Star Wars entry tittles but made with shapes. In the other hand I wanted to make a special tribute to Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Morihei Ueshiba or the greatest Tangerine Dream. Hours of rendering in pre production, during the process and post production were needed and some special video plug-ins were involved to generate massive random lines, lightning and masking but keeping a low-fi way to simulate grain, pixelation and other artifacts to bring back that oldschool texture to the film. All video and music is original and was created by B. Divider in 2012
AEON video
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