Video project for Citydrome soundtrack was a big 3D project. Lot of hours involved for all the 3D rendering in a big scenario where a ball is followed in its travel around the Citydrome world. All visual textures were made trying to simulate some early vintage computer graphics from the 80’s. The concept design tried to keep those gold and brown colours reminding the vintage textures of late 70’s and early 80’s consumer electronics brand indentity and in the other hand the black and red giving some evolving point to the future. This combiantions worked really well in the video as a contrast of the starting point where scenario is clear and simple and the complex shapes of the travelling by Citydrome. This was the biggest 3D project at the moment, with animated shapes, 3D unmasking, physycal lightning... and also postproduction had an important role to give some grain, noise, film colour, video tape and early digital vintage artifacts. All video stuff and music is original and was created by B. Divider in 2011 This track was included into “The Source” album Click on any frame to see the video.
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