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Data+perform is an audiovisual live act focused in a treatment of data and its graphical representation with the mixing of generative and reactive elements. The minimal design concept leads to create some complex compositions over time where the idea of the user graphic interface gets an important issue. The musical side try to show an experimental way of electronic music where the relationship between visual elements are arranged in realtime to complete the sense of each track. For this project a new group of tracks where created in mind from ambient, drone, experimental music to avant electronica stuff, well suited for an audience mainly located on places like contemporary art venues, halls and museums,or audiovisual festivals where to enjoy an active listening and view of this work. Technically speaking, two computers (one for visuals and one for sequencing music/visuals triggering) are involved in full sync trying to keep minimal latencies as possible, where the visuals are designed to be inmmersive if a big screen is provided, giving also the option of 1 dlp 1080p projector for a standard production or even better a dual projector setup to get an ultrawide experience of realtime visuals. Data+perform will be in constant evolution so far, some events like Centro Botin in Santander where it took the first performance as a premier have already enjoyed this project and it has been performed also at MADATAC 09 festival in Madrid early 2018 and in a mini tour around Central America in spring of the same year.