“We are living surrounded by elements, objects, lifeforms, simple or complex systems, arranged apparently by chance. But if we take a look with the right focus, detail and depth we can see that these elements and their particles inside have sometimes an orderly behaviour, even making patterns that extend to infinity. In virtual environments and systems, the generation, modulation and use of particles provide the simulation and prediction of behavior in fields like science and art. This album, in the sound part, as in the visual, is also part of that proof.” This album was presentedd in several exclusive formats. A deluxe edition made of plexiglass jacket with white vinyl and t-shirt. A second black cover edition with transparent vinyls. And the third one was made exclusively for juno.co.uk and bleep.com made of metallic bronze sleeve and pearl vinyls. Each edition limited to 88 copies. Written & Produced by Boris Divider. Extended Remix by Alek Stark Mastered by Alek Stark at Fundamental Audio. Boris Divider appears courtesy of Drivecom. LIMITED EDITION 2x12" - 88 COPIES -
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