Boris Divider presents an album on Artificial Domain. Exascalecomputing is near, scientific community in Europe tries to reach this specification to simulate the human brain at neural level on supercomputers via the HBP (human being project) based in Geneva - Switzerland with more than a decade of researching. The systems based on Exascale technology will be capable of at least one exaFLOPS, or a billion billion calculations per second. After this achievement, the biological human brain will become obsolete. Also in the other side, this vision represents a look into the future with a real stage, it’s a real fact where the computer capacity tends to grow up and how this could influence the way of life of the people in the next years. All those clouds and big data systems interchange every aspect of our daylife. We are already integrated on a system hard not to live without it. Written & Produced by Boris Divider. Mastered by Boris Divider Design and concept by B. Divider and Adrián M. Ferrer. LIMITED EDITION CD-r -100 COPIES -
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