This is an expanded version of the “ExaScale” limited album release launched in Febraury 2015. It includes remixes by Yves De Mey, Svreca and Max Hawking and also three bonus video tracks generated and recorded in realtime by Boris Divider. CD version is numbered on each cd for collectors and both versions include a special booklet with some captured frames from the video tracks. Also this release becomes a good chance to drop some help and for each item sold (physical or digital item) of this album 1€ is donated to a crowfunding initiative from Marsi-Bionics to help children and other handicaped people to have a better life thanks to their robotic exoskeletons and other related technologies. Please visit for more information. Thank you! Copies are available at our bandcamp site here. Written & Produced by Boris Divider. Mastered by Boris Divider Remixes by Yves De Mey, Svreca and Max Hawking Visual compositions and realtime performance by Boris Divider Design and concept by B. Divider and Adrián M. Ferrer. LIMITED EDITION CD-r -100 COPIES - LIMITED EDITION USB CARD - 100 COPIES -
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