This is the first episode of a new project under the name of “Generative Operations”. A project born from a new vision and workflow at the B. Divider’s studio. Delivering a minimal concept as stated on its first roots and surrounded by contemporary elements. From the technical side, the use of massive modular synthesis and generative sequencing makes the tracks to be different each time they are being played, so here you have a unique recording of a certain moment as if it was and imprint of an instant. All the tracks have a cinematic vibe. It seems as they were composed thinking about to fit in any sci-fi thriller movie. Granular sythesis pads, background noises, experimental compression routines help to fullfill this vision. The limited edition vinyl has been pressed in 180gr. with loud-lacquer method, so you will find a warm, loud and very analog character sounding in this format, meanwhile the digital version will be clearer and clinical one. Purchase digital version at drivecom bandcamp.
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