A new festival called Mugako was born in Vitoria (Spain) with a line up full of quality electronic music artists such as Kanding Ray, Dasha Rush, Svreca or TM404 (Andreas Tilliander). One of the main venues for this festival was located at ARTIUM (Vasque Museum for Contemporary Art) where this performance was recorded. This event was a special moment to put on stage for the first time some of the new tracks and visual stuff from the last album “Exascale” and also exclusive unreleased ones. About the gear, the Akai MPC2500 was replaced by the massive use of NI Maschine Mk2 and supported with the all new own custom templates programmed specially for this new live performances and created with Liine Lemur. Both devices were a perfect combo on stage. The video projection was screened directly over a wide wall, and now the resolution was increased to fit the new Full HD 1080p standards. Thanks to a special HDMI-Wifi device the visuals were wirelessly transferred with no latency to the projector and the fps were amazingly smooth to enjoy the visual experience. Special thanks to Captcha Family shooting team for the recording, the Artium’s staff and Mugako team. All video stuff and music is original by B. Divider.
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