“The Source” was released in 2012 but written and produced between years 2007 to 2011. Except track “Streetwalker” which was made in 2005 during the several gigs around europe in that moment. All the album wants to pay tribute to the music of series B sci-fi cinema. Tribute to people like John Carpenter, Brad Fiedel, and soundtracks from films like David Chronenberg’s Scanners, Crash... movies. Also the amazing synth lines and arpeggios from Anne Clarke/David Harrow 80’s music. About the design concept the role of the metropoli is always a unique scenario to represent vintage electronic music so artist Pavel Elagin collaborate with his art skills and provided and amazing inside cover for the gatefold. The outer side design was a collaboration between designer Oscar Tapia and B. Divider. There is an exclusive hidden track in the 2x12” vinyl version, only for those who are always searching for the source... Purchase digital version at drivecom bandcamp.
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