This is a remastered and repress on a special edition vinyl as part of the 20th anniversary of Drivecom label. It was published as reference 26 on Semantica Records in 2010, with only 100 copies. The digital download from Drivecom´s bandcamp includes two bonus unreleased tracks. We paste here the review from records: «The music has aged to perfect with 'Ultralink' being a lithe electro workout with characterful digital synthesis and 'Axonal Destruction' exploring darker, more depraved worlds of future electro. There is a bleak tension to the predatory drum drawls of 'Neural Locator', whirring machine sounds and prickly hits on 'Neuroblasto' and more heavily textured mid-tempo electro to close out on 'Genoma (Recloned).'» You can purchase this release at drivecom bandcamp.
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